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For those of us accustomed to being in comfortable temperatures at all times, driving anywhere can be a miserable experience when the heat or air conditioning doesn’t work right. To better understand what could be causing your heat and air conditioning issues, let’s review how your auto’s HVAC unit works.

Engine coolant (also commonly known as antifreeze) circulates through the heater core. A fan blows cold air over the heater core which, in turn, heats the air before it travels through the vents and into the cabin of your vehicle. The process seems simple enough, so what could cause the heating to fail? The issue could be one of low coolant, or arise from a corroded or clogged heater core. If you notice a sweet chemical smell or the windows steaming up inside your vehicle, then you may have a heater core leak.

The air conditioning system is a little more complex than the heating system. Refrigerant, or Freon, is in a gas state at room temperature. When you turn the A/C on in your car, it flows through the compressor and becomes hot. Next, the hot gas goes through a cooling process in the condenser (behind the grill) which converts it to a liquid. The (now) liquid refrigerant once again becomes a low-pressure gas after its journey through the expansion valve changing to a gas, or evaporating, which cools the evaporator (under the dash) . The evaporator is akin to the heater core in that a fan blows air over it, and the cool air flows through the vents into the cab of your car. Since this is a complex system, there could be several reasons your air conditioner doesn’t work properly. It may need to be recharged with more refrigerant and checked for a freon leak. The leak can be located via a Halogen Leak Detector or with a UV light and dye. The leak will need to be repaired or parts may require replacing.

Here at Lynn Auto Repair, our experienced technicians are capable of fixing any problem that ails your auto’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) unit. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and ensuring your safety and comfort while driving your vehicle. Whether you drive a 30 year old vehicle or a brand new BMW, we can service your heating and air needs in the following areas:

- Blower Motor
- Refrigerant Recharge
- Coolant Flush and Refill
- Heater Core and Hose
- Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve and Evaporator
- Heating and/or Air Conditioning Leaks
- HVAC Control Module and Assembly
- Cabin Temperature Sensor

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